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Natural Beauty | Blue Summer

Summer is here and although I’m not looking forward to the 100+ degree weather, I am excited about all the new green beauty summer releases. There have been a ton of items on my wishlist and the ones above are just a small sampling of them. Let me know what’s on your summer wishlist and if you’ve tried anything mentioned in the list below. πŸ™‚


    • Josh Rosebrook – Lift Hair Texture & Volume ($22) – Ever since I got my Josh Rosebrook Shampoo and Hydrating Accelerator from Integrity Botanicals, I’ve been obsessed with this brand. The ingredients are lovely and the scents are not too “herbally” (if that makes any sense). I’m a fan of sweeter scents and while the Rahua Voluminous Spray that I own is effective, I don’t really enjoy its scent. I’m curious to find out how Josh Rosebrook’s spray compares to the Rahua spray.
    • Kypris Beauty – Antioxidant Dew – ($67) –Β This is definitely on the higher end of green beauty and the packaging is just gorgeous! I keep seeing Kypris Beauty products all over instagram and I would love to sample some of the products from the line. I’m currently interested in the Antioxidant Dew and the Moonlight Catalyst serums.
    • Meow Meow Tweet – Deodorant Cream ($14) – I love Meow Meow Tweet’s colorful graphic packaging! I got a sample size of the Lavender version in a Petit Vour box and ever since then I have been hooked on this stuff. I want to try the grapefruit version, which is also baking soda free for anyone who is looking for a baking soda free alternative. I don’t have any particular allergies to baking soda but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this scent. I still love Schmidt’s deodorant but I like the creaminess of Meow Meow Tweet’s deodorant cream. Also, it’s a little easier to use for me when I’m on the go since I don’t have to warm up the product in my hand before using it.
    • Nudus Lipstick – 27 Kisses ($34) – This is arguably the most expensive natural lipstick on the market and it is constantly sold out! The ingredients are ridiculously impressive and the packaging is very luxurious. I just got a sample of this and I have yet to try it out, but we will see if it lives up to the hype. It is also gluten-free and cruelty-free. Here is the website description: “Handcrafted in Australia, Nudus brings long lasting, richly pigmented lipsticks blended with certified organic, nourishing ingredients. Colors are formulated from bioactive extracts of flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals. Β 27 active ingredients, including vitaminsΒ A, B, C, D, E and K and antioxidants such asΒ pomegranate, raspberry and kiwi cold pressed oils protect against environmental stress. Β Shea butter and avocado, coconut and argan oils leave lips soft, hydrated and moisturized. Β Free from parabens, petro-chemicals, lanolin, hydrogenated oils,Β fd&c and lake dyes, nano-particles, gmo, pesticides and fungicides.”
    • LVX – Nail Lacquer – Laguna/Laguna Sky Blue ($16) – I got a full-size of the LVX Nail Lacquer in Lolli (a bright pastel pink) in a Petit Vour box a while back and the packaging reminds me a little bit of Chanel. I love that all the colors are runway-inspired and on trend. I love pastel and jewel tone colors the most and LVX has a wide range of colors for anyone looking for a higher-end vegan (cruelty-free + 5-free) nail polish.
    • Kimberly Sayer – Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer -SPF 30 ($32) – I first heard about this product from Youtuber cloudyapples and since then I’ve seen countless bloggers rave about how light-weight and moisturizing this is in comparison to other natural sunscreens. I still have a lot of sunscreens that I have to go through before needing to purchase another, but this is definitely on the top of my “to try” list along with Pratima sunscreen.
    • Antonym Cosmetics – Noisette Eye Shadow Quattro – certified organic ($39) – Along with being cruelty-free, “Antonym products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals or phthalates. Each product is certified by Ecocert which ensures that the ingredients are natural and also serves as quality control standard for manufacturing, packaging and storage.” The only other green beauty brand that is as luxurious as this is probably Kjaer Weis. The bamboo packaging is so cool and I love that the compacts have a mirror inside! I have the Copper blush and the baked foundation in Light. I’m still testing them out but so far, I really love the blush. It’s easily my favorite blush that I’ve tried all year. I heard that they currently carry this brand at Sephora but only in Australia. 😦 I hope they will eventually start to carry it in the US because it really is a great brand to try, especially for anyone who is transitioning into green beauty but doesn’t want to sacrifice their love for great packaging and design.
    • Kjaer Weis – Dazzling Bronzer ($58)Β – Like every other green beauty junkie, I kind of want everything that Kjaer Weis makes whether I need it or not. The packaging is still eye-catching and I’ve seen it hundreds of times before on countless blog reviews and instagram posts. It just never gets old. I’ve been waiting out on purchasing a bronzer because I can never decide if I want the RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer, the W3ll PeopleΒ Bio Bronzer Stick, or a pressed powder bronzer like the one by Studio 78 or 100% Pure.
    • Gressa Skin – Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation ($54) – This is basically the HG of skincare and make-up rolled into one product. I’ve been wanting to try this since I first heard about it months ago and I’m happy to see that they’ve extended their color range, so hopefully it will be easier to find a better color match. I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, so I’ve been holding off on purchasing it partly due the high price point and difficulty in choosing a color match. I have a feeling I might be a 2.5 or 3.
    • Mun – No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum ($95) – With just 3 ingredients: prickly pear seed oil, argan oil, and rose oil, this serum is supposed to be more potent in its anti-aging properties. According to the website: “Prickly Pear Seed oil instills radiance and resilience, while Rose and Argan oils transform the appearance of your skin.” I feel like every green beauty blogger has raved about this. I might try buying a sample of it or wait until a big sale before trying this oil. I have a lot of oils in rotation at the moment and I’m not in any particular rush to start using anti-aging products, but I just wanted to try this since everyone seems to rave about it all the time. Also, I’m a sucker for cute packaging, especially if it has a moon on it.


What’s on your summer wishlist? What are your current summer favorites?


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