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Leahlani Skincare Review


Leahlani Skincare is a line of natural, non-toxic products that seek to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility into your everyday life. I love that each product is like having a tiny piece of Hawaiian paradise with you. I picked up a few items when they were having a sale back in December. It was basically a mini-Christmas present to myself:

  • Honey Love Microdermabrasion 3-in-1 Cleanser, Mask, and Exfoliator ($18 for 2 oz and $32 for 4 oz) – I love that this is a multi-purpose product. I enjoy using manuka honey in my own diy skincare routine but have recently run out, so this is a nice replacement. A jar of raw honey on its own can be quite pricey, so it’s nice to have a product that combines some of my favorite ingredients all in one. It also smells like lavender and reminds me a little bit of Lush’s Twilight fragrance. It consists of Leahlani’s signature blend of essential oils, vitamin C & E, organic flower powders, and 100% raw and organic Hawaiian honey.                       At the bottom of the jar, there are Corundum crystals that gently exfoliate , hydrate, and heal your skin. You can mix the jar to distribute the crystals for more exfoliation or just scoop out the honey cleanser from the top for a more gentle cleanser. If you have acne-prone and/or dry skin, then this product is for you.

Ingredients: Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey, Vitamin E & C, Rose Water, Essential Oil Blend, Organic Lavender, Chamomile and Hibiscus Flowers, Vegetable Glycerin, Corundum Crystals, Rosemary Antioxidant Complex, and LOVE.

  • Organic Coconut Vanilla Perfume Oil ($20) – This perfume oil is described as pure tropical bliss with the perfect blend of tropical coconut cream and sweet vanilla. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked this because I was worried that the fragrance would be too strong, but after using it for the past few weeks, it’s grown on me. It doesn’t make me sneeze and isn’t overpowering like many mainstream perfumes and fragrances. I find that the coconut notes nicely fade into the vanilla at the end of the day and it’s sweet and subtle. It comes in a 1/3 oz glass roll-on bottle in an organic jojoba oil base and is also alcohol & phthalate free. I’m now really interested in trying out the other scents, especially since I find it harder to find natural perfumes. It’s kind of hard to buy perfume when you can’t smell it in person. :/ I really like the compact size of the glass roll-on bottles and it’s perfect if you want to keep this in your purse.
  • Siren Serum (sample; full-size retails for $38 for 1 oz) – I received a small sample of this serum with my order. It is a super potent anti-aging serum loaded with vitamin C and A for cellular regeneration. It also contains pure Sea Buckthorn oil for anti-aging and sun damaged skin, organic jojoba oil for penetrating moisture, and Luminess algae extract for tightening and tonifying the skin. The essential oil blend consists of carrot seed, frankincense, lavender, clary sage, tangerine, grapefruit, jasmine, rose, patchouli & chamomile.


Have you tried any products from Leahlani Skincare? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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