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I just wanted to share a few of my new green beauty favorites that I’ve been loving recently:

1. Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub – I’ve read a lot of reviews on this facial scrub and I think it is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It gently exfoliates and I love the spearmint scent! If you’re looking for deals, you can either check out the Acure Organics website, which is having a big sale right now, or Vitacost, which carries a lot of Acure Organics products for less than retail prices.

2. Dr. Woods Pure Almond Castile Soap – This is a staple for me. Like the Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, I use this to clean my makeup brushes, as a hand soap, body wash, etc. It’s also great for traveling because instead of bringing a shampoo and a body wash, you can just bring this instead. All you have to do is transfer it into a travel-sized bottle and voila! You are good to go. The more you buy in bulk, the more you save. I really love the almond scent. I’ve also tried the peppermint scent, which is great as well. If you’ve tried any of the other scents, let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

3. Acure Organics Argan Oil – This is a great affordable argan oil option. Argan oil is such a wonderful multi-purpose product (you can use it on your skin, hair, and nails!) and I love the one by Acure Organics because it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to find. By the way, I just found out that Acure Organics just released three new aromatherapeutic organic argan oils in rose, citrus ginger, and coconut! Those are definitely going on my wishlist!

4. Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Body Serum – According to Kahina Giving Beauty’s webiste: “Rose and orange blossoms are mixed with citrus notes and layered over the scents of antiquity: patchouli, sandalwood and ylang ylang, with lingering hints of cumin and clove from the spice market.

• High concentrations of argan oil help improve elasticity and skin texture while soothing redness
• Watermelon, sunflower, olive and coconut oils deeply moisturize and absorb readily
• Aromatherapy benefits: relieves stress, stimulates circulation, calms nerves”

I got a small sample of this and I’m still trying to figure out which body oil I want to invest in. I’m still debating if I want to buy a full-size version of this, One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil, or Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil (maybe I need all three…). I’ve tried a sample of the Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil and loved it. I also use the One Love Organics Cleansing Oil and I love the pineapple/papaya scent, so I’m sure I would love the Vitamin C Body Oil. I wasn’t sure if I liked the earthy Fez scent at first, but it is slowly growing on me. The serum is also very moisturizing and the glass packaging is very luxurious and heavy. It absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling too greasy or oily. If you have any body oil suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments.


Don’t forget to check out the Acure Organics Sale:


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