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Brand Spotlight: Osmia Organics


After reading rave reviews about Osmia Organics on several green beauty blogs, I decided to take the plunge and try out some of their products. The founder of Osmia Organics, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, is a former ER doctor and her story is an inspiring one. Simply put, it is a story about someone realizing their true passion and pursuing it fearlessly despite the many obstacles and uncertainties that lie ahead. You can tell that she has a passion for helping others and it shows in her organic skincare line.

First off, I really love that the company offers a sample kit to purchase! Samples have been a huge deciding factor in whether or not I want to purchase a full-size product (or even explore other products in their line), especially when it’s only available online. There are so many green beauty product options today and it can be hard to make the switch to new, unfamiliar brands. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, samples can help you figure out whether a certain product is right for you.

osmia 2

I originally ordered five samples: gentle foaming cleanser, coffee mint soap, honey-myrrh lip repair, sunset body oil, and their famous spot treatment. Each sample was about $4, which is pretty reasonable considering the ingredient list of each product and the size of the sample. My package arrived quickly and was packaged very neatly with a personalized thank you card. Β I also received a free sample of the juniper shea soap with my purchase. I’ve been using my samples for the past two weeks and I am already in love with this brand. My ultimate favorite is probably the spot treatment because it shrinks zits effectively and quickly without irritating my skin, but I highly recommend checking out the other products whenever you’re looking for a new replacement for your green beauty/body products. Β I’m also interested in trying out other Osmia Organics products and I definitely need to purchase a full size of their spot treatment since my sample has now run out.

Have you tried any products from Osmia Organics? Please share your thoughts and favorite products from the line in the comments!


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