Words of Wisdom

This is for anyone who has ever felt self-doubt and anxious about the future. I often find myself needlessly stressing about “what’s next?” and the 24/7 presence of social media doesn’t seem to help, especially when you see someone who seems to have their life together.

While I still don’t have all the answers, my past experiences have taught me that perseverance and a positive attitude help keep the gray clouds at bay. Trust me, I know this is much easier said than done. Even I have to remind myself that there is always a “tomorrow”: an opportunity for something great to truly happen or for your life to change. Sometimes, changes take time. Sometimes, they occur instantly. In either case, patience is key. So, think happy thoughts and do what makes YOU happy. Even if it’s as simple as binge-watching your favorite TV show*, reading your favorite book, hugging your pet(s), hanging out with your friends, or just enjoying a nice piece of chocolate. Write down your goals and work on making them happen! Most importantly, never give up and you will never fail.

(Source: tumblr)

*Right now, it’s New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Sleepy Hollow for me, but I watch so many other TV shows! It’s hard to keep to track!

Here are some pondering questions for you:

1. What do you do whenever you’re feeling a bit glum?

2. What are you watching on TV (or more likely, your computer screen)? And more importantly, should I also be watching it? (Please don’t say Breaking Bad because I already know that I should be watching such a great show, but am too intimidated by how far behind I am. But that is why they invented Netflix! So, we will see…)


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