My Daily Favorites

Daily Favorites

I don’t use very many products, but these are my current favorites that I use on a daily basis. I’m currently in the process of “cleaning up” my beauty routine by replacing products (one at a time) with a greener alternative. I’m also on a budget, so I try to keep things affordable by shopping at Trader Joe’s and keeping an eye out for sales of my favorite green drugstore brands including Yes To Carrots, Alba Botanica, Burt’s Bees, and Physician’s Formula. While there are greener options out there, these are my fallback items as they are relatively easy to find.

For Cosmetics:
Tarte Cosmetics is a great brand to try. Also, Spirit Beauty Lounge is basically the green alternative to Sephora. They have many award-winning products that are safer and better for your skin. For drugstore products, Physician’s Formula is a decent, budget-friendly alternative. I’ve only tried their tinted moisturizer and mascara, but I’ve heard good things about their bronzer and eyeliners.

For Hair:
-For those in-between days, I use Lush’s dry shampoo No Drought. I’ve had my bottle for months now and have barely made a dent in it!
-However, I’m still trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that I really love. I got a shampoo bar from etsy that I’m hoping will do the trick. Otherwise, I bounce back from Yes To Carrots or Alba Botanica products.

For Body:
-Coconut Oil is a great moisturizer for your body and hair.
Dr. Bronner’s soap is a great multi-purpose product. You can use it in the shower and for cleaning up around the house.

For Face:
-I really like Lush’s Celestial Moisturizer, but I want a moisturizer that also has SPF in it and no parabens. I might try Badger Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen SPF 16 next.
-Witch hazel, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar all work well for treating blemishes.
-For cleansers, I usually use either Lush or Yes To products. I haven’t found my HG cleanser yet. :/

For Teeth:
-I’ve tried toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine and Trader Joe’s. Tom’s toothpaste has a sweeter taste, but I don’t mind using either.

Do you guys have any products that you recommend?


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